Bike Fit Centre

At Outdoor Addictions, we believe that cycling is more than just about the bike. We believe it’s about creating the perfect synergy between the rider and their bike, it’s about comfort, enjoyment, and efficiency. It’s about riding longer.  It is with these things in mind that we adopted the Trek Bicycle Fit System. We know that a bicycle that fits correctly makes for a better riding experience.

We have the training through Trek Bikefit  courses, we have the tools, bike mechanical expertise and personal training backgrounds with hundreds of hours spent in the saddle. We know bike fit like no others on the north end of the island ………

  • Measuring seat angle
  • Leveling the bike
  • Measuring the top tube length

Before we begin, Dan measures your bike’s frame dimensions and angles, seat height, setback, offset and seat tube angle. We record your existing handlebar dimensions, stem angle, length and rise as well as crank arm length, shoe cleat angle and many more configurations. With Dan’s intimate knowledge of cycling and an understanding of where you want to go with your bike fit, we can tailor a bike fit exactly for you. We may have to change (with your permission of course) components as necessary to obtain the correct fit…and that all takes time. Please allow about 2 hours for this.

  • Determining hamstring/hip flexor flexibility
  • Measuring shoulder width
  • Assessing results

We fit your bike to you, within the limitations of your flexibility and body dimensions. There is no hard and fast rule as to what is right and what is wrong. In correct bike fitting it is sometimes neither black, nor white. With Steve’s 30 odd years as a fitness leader, weight training instructor & personal trainer as well as 5 Ironmans in his resume, he understands the body and how its has to gel with the bike. We understand feet, ankles, knees, hips, backs, shoulders, arms and necks and how all these body parts have to work together in harmony on a bike.

Comments by clients:

”Holy crap, the bike feels so much better. I was able to ride the whole ride in aero position, comfortably.”

Sarah Perceveault – May 26/2010

”Thank you very much for the thorough and professional bike fitting that you did for me the other day. The difference is quite profound. It seems to have made a great improvement in my comfort and my efficiency on the bike”.

Terry Browne – June 14/2010

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